How to set up your own gaming monster?

Can anyone play Dota 2 or Quake without own gaming computer? Of course, everybody can come to his friends, one can also use daddy’s laptop when he sleeps… But believe me, if players don’t want to still perform like a baby in two years – they strongly need practice and they’d better have their own computer for that. Ok, but is it enough to have any machine for that? Of course, one can play Quake on a $200 laptop but I will never want to play with him in one team. The first thing you should think about before starting to play any video game – to set up your own PC, and I hope, my article will help you do that.

Budget gaming laptop

If you have no money…

Of course, I can speak a lot about Core i7 processors, AMD video-cards but I think that if you are interested, you will find more professional sources for that. Anyway, setting up a gaming computer requires up to 1000 bucks and not every American teenager can afford that. If you cannot get this money – better receive a personal credit and buy something you like.

I’ve made like these for buying my last computer and I’ve paid out my loan in a year selling two Quake accounts. It really pays off if you have your head on your shoulders so don’t hesitate as while you wait, your dreamy machine might become too weak. gaming pc

Can any computer be a gaming one?

As I have told, if you want to become a serious gamer – take out your laptop away. Even if it has i7 or 4 GB of operating memory, its structure does not allow for the capacity, available for classic PC. Don’t forget that with PC one can always replace the depreciated detail, while with a laptop it is better to buy a new one than to replace any detail.

Also don’t think that any PC (especially from those, one can find in your local shop) is a gaming one. I’ve seen some entire gaming machines, they were scarce and tremendously expensive. I think, only greasy daddy’s sons buy these MEGA-computers, while smart gamers set up their own cheaper computer, having much higher capacity. If you only start, I also advise you not to spend all your savings on the machine which will stop working after three years but to collect your PC yourself.

gaming pc service

Does it all end with having a computer?

Suppose, you’ve refused to buy hamburgers for these two months and you’ve spent saved money to buy the best components of a future PC. Well, those, who think that that is all – they were deeply mistaken. Most of the players I know have been completely replacing their machines after the first three years of usage. And the reasons are not because they depreciate over time but because you still need to maintain them working at a full capacity. Personally, I use the following tools:

  1.   Regular defragmentation: this tool helps to optimize memory on the disc by simply re-scattering your software files (this is not necessary for SSD);
  2.   Getting rid of garbage. If you think that your PC works slower than normally – don’t call Internet provider. Your computer collects a lot of files, which lower its speed so don’t hesitate to open CCleaner and delete all trash in a couple of easy steps;
  3.   Turning off all start-up programs. Please make sure that nothing else except your game is opened and your PC will depreciate slower.

So, if you want to start… just start.