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A 63 Minute Of Intense Struggle Between Invictus Gaming And Og

A 63 Minute Of Intense Struggle Between Invictus Gaming And Og Posted on 11/28/2017

The Asian Dota 2 Championship Grand Final took place on 4th of April 2017 in Shanghai. There were two teams of opponents who fought for the first place in the Grand Final. The first one is a Chinese team “Invictus Gaming” and the second one is the European team “OG”.  The teams were struggling to choose their heroes but finally the decision was made.

Invictus Gaming:

  • Magnus
  • Juggernaut
  • Warlock
  • Storm Spirit
  • Rickimaru


  • Alchemist
  • Terrorblade
  • Earth Spirit
  • Puck
  • Shadow Demon

The Asian Dota 2 Championship Grand FinalBefore the match begun the analysts gave their preferences to the OG team. The main argument was that the Alchemist might become a serious threat and play a crucial role in the match. Yet one analyst gave his vote to the Invictus Gaming team, because of powerful heroes like Juggernaut and Rikimaru. The game anchors Benjamin Wu and Toby Dawson announced the beginning of the match.

The Game Begins

The first two major pushes occurred on the top and bottom lane, but no team had suffered any losses. The first intense moment occurred on the tenth minute, yet Rikimaru managed to vanish from the battlefield. The next two minutes were the turning point of the match. Juggernaut managed to slaughter Terrorblade on the bottom lane. Invictus Gaming drew the first blood. Within a minute, Rikimaru was brought down by Puck in the woods and the real game has begun.

The Push

The first push occurred on the bottom lane and the OG team has destroyed the lower tower. Minutes later all ten players face each other in the middle on the map. The vigorous fight resulted in one more point for Invictus gaming. Three players chased Magnus down the lower pathway, but he managed to reach his safe haven. Simultaneously, Puck killed Storm Spirit on the upper lane. The score is 5-3.

The Middle Game

OG lost 3 more players on the bottom trail. Only in 5 minutes the situation repeats, the score is 12-3. On the 40th minute of the match OG charges the front base, but fails. The heat of the battle bursts out on the 44 minute of the match, all 10 players face each other and Invictus gaming is victorious once again.  


On the 62nd minute of the game Invictus begins the final charge. Juggernaut destroys the enemy team with an ultra-kill – there were no chances left for the OG team. Invictus gaming has won the game.

All in all, the game was mundane at the very start but the action began on the 10th minute. The thrill and tension continued for the next 50 minutes. This match is certainly a must see for any Dota 2 fan.