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Which Bank to Choose to Get a Credit Card from?

Which Bank to Choose to Get a Credit Card from? Posted on 02/22/2018Leave a comment

What bank is reliable enough nowadays? Should you apply for a professional advice?

All of us have this kind of questions when choosing a company to get a credit card from. Choosing the right bank is even harder than choosing the right card. Which company can you trust and which one is going to provide the best credit conditions for the customers? To make a decision is pretty tough. But don’t panic. We’ve got the answer right now.

How to Choose a Bank for Your First Credit Card

Most people are pretty devoted to top 4 credit cards when it comes to deciding whether to pay with a bunch of papers or a piece of plastic. We use credit cards for almost everything. And that is not a surprise. Having a card is much convenient than taking a bunch of papers wherever you’re going. But some people prefer staying away from the cards because of too much interest and too much money involved. But the truth is that in 2018 you definitely need to have a card. As there are so many things you can’t do if you don’t have it. A credit card can be a big step towards your financial growth. At the same time, you need the best card for what it is you’re going to use it for.

So, what companies should you pay attention to if you want to be satisfied with your card and a banking experience you get?

  • American Express. This is a perfect choice if you’re a consumer but not a business owner. In terms of business, American Express charges higher transaction fees. That is a lot of money compared to other banks. At the same time, it is one of the most secure forms of payment on the market. If there is a misunderstanding with some transactions, American Express will always fight for you as a consumer to get your money back. The new cards by AE have a bunch of great features which will be interesting for anyone;
  • Bank of America has the best travel credit cards with no annual fee and foreign transaction payment. So, if you’re a traveller, this option is definitely for you.
  • Barclaycard has one of the best rewards and flexible bonuses with a possibility to redeem points for a lot of things. You can also use the points provided by the bank to pay your balance;
  • Capital One has decent-level conditions, which don’t require a customer to have a high credit score. Most cards don’t have the annual fee;
  • Chase has probably the best cash back services out there. Some cards allow you to earn 5 points per 1$ spent on concrete expenses throughout the year. So, count what you can get.


The advantages of having a credit card go far beyond convenience and emergencies only. A credit card is a great helper in day-to-day expenses, for creating a serious credit history to be able to get additional scores for some bigger purchases like buying a car or a house a lot faster. So, don’t hesitate. Pick one of the banks listed above, compare the options they have, and become a credit card customer for the one which works best for you.

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