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Legacy of the Void: Battle for the Galaxy

Legacy of the Void: Battle for the Galaxy Posted on 11/17/2017

The plot of the whole trilogy is based on the struggle between three alien races. The Terrans are descendants of the convicts exiled from Earth. Zergs are vicious alien monsters that are controlled by a Supreme mind. Lastly, the Protoss are humanoids with paranormal abilities, who creates and uses advanced technologies. Each part of the trilogy considers the story of a different race, and the Legacy of the Void part takes the players to the universe of the Protoss.starcraft 2


According to the ancient prophecy, the deceased God Amon will rise from the dead to put the galaxy to its end. The only way to prevent the Armageddon is to unite the Protoss tribes and destroy the wicked god.

The players have to engage in a series of breathtaking missions, last stands and heroic final charges against their enemies. Every mission and territory is unique, providing endless adventures throughout the entire Milky Way galaxy.

New Gaming Features

There are two striking new features in the Legacy of the Void. Firstly, numerous new units for every playable race. Secondly, the ability to use a new spaceship and enhance its functions, like travel speed, weapons, etc.

The co-op mode has been greatly improved. Now there are different possibilities, like controlling one base together with your friend. Furthermore, you may choose the mission varieties, and engage into the action together with other players. There is a new specification in the Legacy of the Void: the initial number of units is increased, and the amount of the resources is reduced. The idea is to make the gameplay more dynamic, and provoke the clash with your enemy from the very beginning of the game.

There is a disadvantage, too, obviously. The interaction within the spaceship was removed, and the dialogues between the heroes are not that exciting, only monotonous talks between the Protoss chiefs. However, this is compensated by numerous improvements.starcraft 2


So, the advantages include:

  • new units for playable races
  • enhances variety of choices and options for missions
  • improved gameplay dynamics
  • breathtaking design


  • no interaction within the spaceship
  • boring dialogues

Although the gameplay mechanics hasn’t changed much, the game offers a catching storyline and a great number of new features, which appear only in the Legacy of the Void. The game’s design and increased variety of options for different missions promises an outstanding experience. The last part of the legendary space saga has been created to put up a good show and to keep the high quality of the previous parts. Whether you are a StarCraft pro or a rookie, the final part of the trilogy is worth a try.