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When have I started to play?

When have I started to play? Posted on 11/07/2017

If you think that I’ve started playing from the very childhood, you don’t know me at all. My father didn’t buy me a computer until I’ve got 15 so the only way of communicating with the Internet was daddy’s laptop. It had AMD processor with only 128 MB of operating memory, it really makes me shiver recalling how much time it took to download any online application. However, it didn’t stop my passion as the first time I played a video-game was long before receiving the first PC.

old laptop

How did it start

I remember this day very clearly. I was 12 when a classmate invited me to his birthday party.  There he and his friends started to play CS and I asked to get joy steak for playing with them. Despite failing during the fifth second, I was astonished and started to seek any opportunity to play again. Soon my father has admitted my interest and bought me the first computer at 15th year birthday.


The joy of owning new thing never lasts too long. As soon as I tried to upload my favorite WoW, I’ve seen that my heroes have been stopping at the most uncomfortable moments. This has been giving my rivals enough time to kick me out of all games. Soon it started to annoy and it took not so long to make me want to drop this computer from the 8th floor. But I had enough brains to ask my classmate to help me.

The first thing he told me when observing a gift was that my father really didn’t know anything about gaming computers. Next day he replaced some of the computer details with his older ones so this was the first time I was satisfied with my game.

For the next five years, I didn’t want to get out of the computer. Realizing that playing games too much affect my education I started improving my efficiency, making all necessary assignments and spending all released time for playing my favorite video-games.


And I still burn…

Now I have a lot of sold accounts for Dota 2 and Quake, but still don’t lose any interest in playing (even though the school was replaced by work). I still burn with it and even not think that playing video-games is too boyish. Now I don’t play with a dinosaur, received from my father, but still, recall it with delight and joy. Anyway, I think that I could do even better by:

  1.   Forming a team and trying to reach some of the Dota 2 or Quake competitions;
  2.   Making video playbacks and monetizing my video-channel;
  3.   Organizing Dota-school for future cyber-sports champions.

Anyway, one of my dreams is already accomplished and it is my blog where I can share my thoughts and insights, which can be useful for gamers.